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The purpose of this policy is to encourage Club members to celebrate birthdays and special occasions with other Club members and put enjoyment, fun and socialising into Club nights.

All active Club members shall bring something delectable and delicious (think some form of sweet dessert type item, examples are cake, donuts, lamingtons, biscuits) to Club night on the night nearest to their birthday for Club members to enjoy. Any leftovers may be enjoyed by visitors.

The birthday member decides in which order the delectable and delicious items shall be eaten by us. This could be tallest to shortest, youngest to oldest, length of hair, longest time in the Club to shortest time in the Club. Their choice!

Food safety

  • As we do not want Club members becoming ill with food poisoning symptoms, members are encouraged to adhere to correct food handling and transportation practices.
  • The birthday cake shall be eaten as soon as close as possible to 8 pm on the say so of the birthday member.
  • The birthday member has the responsibility of cleaning up after the cake has been eaten.
  • Members should ask the coach in advance if any other Club members have food allergies.
  • Purchased items must be within their use by or best by date.
  • Homemade items must be brought with an ingredient list.

Policy display

This policy will be displayed on the Club’s website and referenced on the Club’s flyer.

Last edited on 18th October, 2017