Who are our coaches?

Our Level 1 coaches are:

  • Jonathan Mackenzie - Level 1 Foil Coach (July 2013)
  • Hugh Wheeler - Level 1 Foil Coach (January 2020)

Our Head Coach is Jenny Cassidy. Jenny is a Level 2 qualified coach in all three weapons (foil, épée, sabre) through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), and amongst other things has been:

  • Coach/Manager for the Australian Veterans' Team 2007-2008-2009
  • Qualified as an international referee in all three weapons  1993 (the first woman in the world to qualify for sabre!)
  • Member of the Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) Referees Commission
  • Author of the competencies for officials (referees, timers, scorers, technical personnel) for the AFF
  • Author of an the AFF Refereeing Manual
  • Author of a manual on how to DT a competition
  • Author of a booklet for club coaches needing a 10 week structured, teaching lesson plan

For information on any of her manuals, or to purchase a copy, please contact us.

First Aid

We always ensure that there is at least 1 person trained in first aid on any given club night. We also maintain a first aid kit and an asthma kit on the premises.

Last edited on 30th April, 2021