Membership of the Trott Park Fencing Club is open to all. Children, youths and adults. The able bodied and the disabled. Young and old. All are welcome! We are a developing club and welcome anyone wanting to learn how to fence, develop their skills or just fence with other like minded individuals.

Term fees

The Committee sets the fees at the beginning of each year. Our fees are calculated on a school term basis, in 2021 the fees are $13 per week:

  • For a nine week school term, the term fee is $117
  • For a ten week school term, the term fee is $130
  • For an eleven week school term, the term fee is $143

South Australian school terms can be found here - DECD school terms.

Club annual fee

In addition to term fees, the annual club fee is $40 for active members and $1 for volunteers and non-active members. The maximum club fee payable by a family is $80. This annual fee contributes towards public liability insurance and registration with Fencing SA.

Sports Vouchers

Trott Park Fencing Club is a registered Sports Voucher provider with the Office for Recreation and Sport. Ask us at Club night how you can use your Sports Voucher! 

For more information, visit the Sports Vouchers website.


  • 1st member of a family pays 100% of term fees
  • 2nd member of the same family pays 50% of term fees
  • 3rd and subsequent members of the same family pay only $20 for the term

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are available by appointment in all three weapons on either Monday or Wednesday evenings. Speak with the Coaches for further information.

Last edited on 3rd March, 2022